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The Museum of Magic was featured in The New York Times again. Click here to read the article.

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Professional magician and magic collector Rory Feldman and his board of trustees aim to amaze with the Museum of Magic. This museum, which was granted a provisional charter in April of 2007, has been a long-term goal of Feldman, a native New Yorker who has been performing since the age of seven and collecting since the age of 11. A major collector of magic memorabilia, Feldman, now 31, owns an extensive collection pertaining to renowned magician Howard Thurston (1869–1936), considered one of the greatest magicians of all time.

Through the Museum of Magic, Feldman seeks to share the conjuring arts with the world. The museum will preserve and display magic objects and artifacts, while educating and entertaining the public. The exhibits and displays planned for the museum include “How Magic Changed History,” “Magic in New York,” “Magic in the Movies,” “The Life and Times of Howard Thurston,” and “Houdini”—an exhibit featuring props that Harry Houdini used in his famous escape performances. All exhibits and displays will feature either a live or taped magic performance. The museum will also host lectures, film screenings, and performances by top magicians, magic historians, and authors in the field.

“Keep your eyes on us at all times,” says Feldman.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Museum of Magic is to provide an interactive museum experience. The museum preserves and displays magic artifacts; celebrates and promotes the conjuring arts, all while educating and entertaining the public. The museum will be a place of amazement, education, and discovery.

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The Museum of Magic has been in a lot of magazines and newspapers lately!

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